Board of Directors

For Chintimini Wildlife Center
Jerry Paul

Jerry Paul, President

Jerry started as a Chintimini volunteer in November 2006, was elected to the board in March 2008, and was elected President in July 2009.

When he started his volunteer work doing minor cage and building maintenance, he learned of a vision that Jeff Picton, Executive Director and Founder, had to expand the mission of Chintimini from strictly rehabilitation of wildlife to include education.

His volunteer duties quickly expanded from maintenance to working with a steering committee of community professionals that shared the new vision and freely gave their time and services to developing a plan to implement that broader focus. Jerry found himself being dubbed the Site Manager and alongside Jeff, and with the help of a great many people in our community, worked to get Chintimini where it is today.

His formal education is in Architecture and Urban Planning, and he has a BS in Environmental Design from California State Polytechnic College in Pomona, CA. He has worked as an Urban Planner in both the private and public sectors. After 15 years as a planner, he changed careers and became the Information Technology Manager for another 17 years for the City of Salinas, CA, from which he retired in July 2004. During their working careers, Jerry and his wife, Judith, owned and ran a cow/calf cattle operation. Their interest in landscaping with native plants brought many new species of birds and animals to their ranch in the Salinas Valley. In addition to birding, Jerry's other areas of interest are carpentry and woodworking, which he continues to practice here at Chintimini on a regular basis. Jerry served for four years on the board of directors of the Audubon Society of Corvallis and continues to be an active member of the Society.
Dave Hohler

Dave Hohler, Vice President

Dave Hohler's association with Chintimini began before there was a Facilities group, having volunteered to build the addition to the clinic many years ago. He renewed his activities in Construction/Facilities last year and is presently the Vice President of the Board. He works with Jerry Paul and Mark Myers on numerous projects, cages, and buildings at Chintimini, including the rebuilding of the flight cages.

Dave holds a BS in Biological Science, with a concentration in Biological Conservation, and graduated from Oregon State with an MS in Fisheries. He has worked for a variety of natural resource agencies, including 34 years with the US Forest Service. He has been active with a number of professional societies, including being past president of the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

Since retiring from his job in Washington DC, where he worked for the past four years, Dave now lives in Corvallis with his wife, Marcia, and their retired guide dog, Brody. He spends most of his free time enjoying life with them and catching up on remodeling projects.
Stacey Dean

Stacey Dean, M.D., Treasurer

Dr. Stacey Dean serves as an Ed Bird Handler and as an Animal Care volunteer. He chose to start volunteering at the Center in 2005 due to a life-long interest in wildlife, a desire to use his medical training in a rehab setting, and to offer his services in support of the CWC mission statement.

He is a retired physician with an MD from the University of Colorado and specialty training at St. Luke's Hospital in Denver, so the chance to work with injured animals has been a great way to use his talents and expertise. His wife, Pam, also volunteers at the Center and they have four adult children, and two grand children. Dr. Dean has enjoyed being in the outdoors all of his life, especially fly fishing for steelhead when the opportunity arises. He appreciates the great chance to learn and participate in what the Center offers to the community.
Steve Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg, D.M.D., Secretary

Steve is the current Board secretary and serves as the Board liaison for the Animal Care Committee. He is also an animal care volunteer and shift leader.

After retiring from practice in Corvallis, he began volunteering at Chintimini and has been able to utilize his surgical background in treating injured animals. Prior to his training in dentistry and surgery at Temple University and at the Oregon Health Sciences University, Steve attended graduate school at Pennsylvania State University where he studied in the Departments of Ecology and Veterinary Science. In volunteering at Chintimini, he has returned to an area that has always been a major interest--wildlife biology.

Steve has always been an outdoor enthusiast and throughout the years has been active at hiking, climbing, skiing and scuba diving, as well as nature and wildlife photography.
Kathi Franklin

Kathi Franklin, Volunteer Coordinator

Kathi first learned of Chintimini while volunteering at Blue Mountain Wildlife in Pendleton, Oregon. Planning a move to Corvallis to attend OSU, she wanted to continue caring for wildlife and has been a volunteer at Chintimini Wildlife Center since 2002. After having worked numerous shifts, she finally settled in on Saturday mornings and became a shift leader in 2005.

She graduated from OSU in 2006 with a BS in Natural Resources and a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife. She began working with Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife shortly after graduation and has been with the salmon spawning project ever since.

When she is not working or volunteering, she likes to read, write, and spend time with her family and their spoiled-rotten Border Collie, Baby.
Trent Seager

Trent Seager, Associate Director

Trent is working with Chintimini's new Raptor Conservation Program to help students and the general public recognize the current threats to wild raptor populations, the need for conservation, and the role we can all play in making that happen. Trent is a raptor researcher and master falconer. He has helped rehab and release many raptors from Chintimini across the past 15 years.

Trent is a PhD candidate at Oregon State University in Forest Ecology. He received a Master's of Science from OSU in Forestry & Wildlife in 2010. Trent worked in raptor research for six years with different state and federal agencies, including international research on the migratory Swainson's Hawk. He also studied the Northern Goshawk, Burrowing Owl, Northern Spotted Owl, and Loggerhead Shrike. In falconry, Trent prefers the smaller raptors and has hunted with many Merlins through the years, along with a few rehab Sharp-shinned Hawks and Cooper's Hawks.
Sabra Thomas

Sabra H. Thomas, DMV, Associate Director

Graduated from Oregon State University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She has worked as a vet in the Corvallis and surrounding area since graduation, both in mixed animal medicine (pets and farm animals) and emergency small animal medicine and surgery.

She has lived in Corvallis for 25 years on the same piece of property where her clinic All Creatures Great and Small is now located.

Her first job in this town was at Anderson's Sporting Goods where she was in charge of the backpacking/mountaineering department. She worked there for 3 years prior to obtaining a job at the Corvallis Fire department as a Firefighter/ Paramedic. She worked at CFD for 6 years before finally pursuing her passion in veterinary medicine. Her current animal family consists of 2 horses, a pony, 6 cats, and 1 dog.