Volunteer Application

I'm Here to Volunteer!

You must be 18 years old or older to be a volunteer at Chintimini.

Note: If you prefer to mail in your application, you can fill it out and print it and send it to our mailing address.

Contact Kathi Franklin at volunteer@chintiminiwildlife.org or 541-745-5324 for information.

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Why do you want to volunteer at Chintimini?
What are you looking for in a volunteer position?
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List some previous volunteer experience you have.
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Please check any of the following areas in which you have an interest or expertise, and in which you would like to contribute to Chintimini:
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Proposal writing
Fund raising
Database management/Data entry
Public relations
Business law
Word processing
Education programs
Animal care (wild birds/mammals)
Baby-animal care (wild birds/mammals)
Graphic arts

Thank you for this offer of your time and labor!