Living With Wildlife

Oregon is home to a tremendous variety of habitats providing homes for many wild animal species. As our human population grows, we see an increase in the number of encounters between people and wildlife. Often these encounters are detrimental to wild animals, such as when they are hit by cars, injured by pets, or have their nests disturbed. Sometimes the encounters cause conflicts between animals and homeowners, such as when a raccoon family lives under a porch or a woodpecker pounds on the side of a house.

Our Philosophy

We at Chintimini Wildlife Center have a perspective based on many years of experience in wildlife care. In addition to providing medical care for injured and orphaned wildlife with the intent of releasing them back to the wild, we are also committed to educating others about how human activities impact wild animals.

Most people who find themselves in these situations simply don’t know what to do. Proper information can prevent animals from being injured or orphaned, or from becoming a “nuisance.”

Having Problems with Wildlife?

We understand that conflicts with wildlife can be frustrating – and we’re here to help! We offer resources on our website for general information on preventing conflicts, as well as a wildlife hotline to offer more detailed assistance.

Other Resources