Our Supporters

Organizations who support Chintimini Wildlife Center
townsend chipmunk The work of CWC is greatly assisted by the generous donations and grants from various organizations. We greatly and gratefully appreciate their help!

Anderson Blueberry Farm

Anderson Blueberry Farm An enthusiastic thank you to Anderson Blueberry Farm who, again this year, donated many blueberries to our organization. Their willing commitment year after year is greatly appreciated. This generous donation will help feed many wildlife patients at the center in the months ahead. See photo of owner Todd (in cap) and Ron with their blueberries.


The Autzen Foundation

Thank you for funds for the purchase of a new surgical table and equipment. autzenfoundation.org


Benton Soil and Water Conservation District

Benton Soil and Water Conservation District Many Thanks to the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District for awarding Chintimini a generous grant to partially fund the construction of an educational exhibit on pollinators at the Chintimini Education Center's Demonstration Wildlife Garden. The exhibit will consist of a kiosk featuring a green roof composed of native plants that benefit pollinator species, a "bug hotel" under the roof to provide pollinator habitat, and signage promoting the value of providing pollinator habitat.

"The Benton SWCD's mission is to engage Benton County residents in the conservation and stewardship of natural resources for current and future generations.

We envision a future where the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District's services encourage people to value and enhance the resiliency and function of land and water from the floodplains of the Willamette River to the mountains and valleys of the Coast Range." bentonswcd.org


Karen M. Schroth Charitable Foundation for Animals

Thank you for the grant to construct new mammal rehabilitation enclosures.


Kinsman Foundation

Kinsman Foundation A huge thank you to the Kinsman Foundation for a very generous grant for our Wildlife Rehabilitation Program to help cover medical and food expenses for our patients in 2017. The Kinsman Foundation has been a very generous supporter of Chintimini's work for almost two decades, and has awarded us grants for our Wildlife Rehabilitation Program totaling almost $250,000. Their support has been instrumental to the success of our program and has helped us in our mission of providing exceptional medical care for our wildlife patients. kinsmanfoundation.org


The Pape Family Foundation

Thank you for general support for our wildlife rehabilitation program. papefamilyfoundation.org


Simple Actions Family Foundation

Simple Actions Family Foundation Many thanks to the Simple Actions Family Foundation for their very generous support through a recent grant for our animal care program. We truly appreciate their contributions to our work.

"Simple Actions Family Foundation supports the visions and actions of those who improve lives and communities worldwide." simpleactionsfamilyfoundation.org


Wildlife Support Charitable Trust

A huge thank you to the Wildlife Support Charitable Trust for a very generous grant for our Wildlife Rehabilitation Program to help cover medical and food expenses for our patients in 2017. Based out of Edmonds, Washington, the Wildlife Charitable Support Trust is one of the few charitable foundations in the Northwest that supports wildlife rescue groups. Their generous contributions have helped us provide outstanding care for our wildlife patients!

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