Raptor Ambassadors

With the Raptor Education Program
The birds used in our education program are wild birds that have been injured and we were unable to rehabilitate them to the point they could survive in the wild. The birds may change over the years and not all birds are used in every program. Birds, like people, need time off from their work!

Our newest Raptor Ambassador is Cricket, a Swainson's Hawk. Learn more about her.

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Dea, a Red-tailed Hawk Cricket, a Swainson's Hawk


Tskili, a Great Horned Owl Rhett, a Barn Owl Morgan, a Sparred Owl


Junior, a Turkey Vulture Ferdinand, a Turkey Vulture


Red-winged Blackbird


Penny, an American Kestrel

More info about Raptors?

Contact our Outreach Assistant, Erika, at outreach@chintiminiwildlife.org.

Photos used on the Raptor Education Program pages are courtesy of Dillon Powers.