Penny the American Kestrel

Penny’s Story

Penny arrived at Chintimini in December 2017 after being illegally held by the public for about three years. We weren’t provided with all of the details, but we presume she was taken from the nest while very young and held as a “pet.” Eventually, her needs as a raptor became too high for her captor, and she was transferred to a falconer and eventually to us. Having spent nearly her whole life in captivity, she does not have the skills to survive in the wild and was deemed non-releasable.

As an imprint, Penny is comfortable around people and right at home as part of our education team.

Favorite Enrichment

Penny is an energetic bird who eagerly participates in enrichment. She particularly enjoys flights both in our flight cage and on a creance line.

Wild About Penny?


American Kestrel

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