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Rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife
The facilities at CWC include a complete veterinary hospital equipped with x-ray, anesthesia, and surgical equipment, plus a diagnostic laboratory, intensive-care unit, incubators, and pharmacy.

Over 30 outdoor enclosures provide housing for animals recovering from their injuries. Our outdoor cages include a 30 x 60-foot flight cage, a 30 x 30-foot cage with a pond, a cage with a stream running through it, a waterfowl cage with a deep pool, and a special enclosure for fawns, which allows us to treat and care for them without having too much contact and inadvertently stressing them or taming them.

We also have an L-shaped, large-mammal cage that is designed with four separate interior enclosures so that an animal can be moved to one of the four enclosures while the other three are cleaned. Such an arrangement makes caring for large mammals safer for volunteers and less stressful for animals.

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