Urban Rats & Mice

Living with urban wildlife

Rat Rats and mice typically become a problem when they enter homes and cause structural damage, such as chewing through insulation and electrical wiring. Once inside, these rodents can get into stored food and contaminate it with their urine and feces.

Securely store all human and pet food, garbage, and livestock feed to keep these rodents from being attracted to your home. Seal all cracks around your foundation, dryer, vent, drainpipes, and other small openings with steel wool, caulking, or 1/4-inch hardware cloth.

If you have rodents inside your house, live trapping and moving them outside is much more humane than snap traps, glue traps, or poison. Poisons should be completely avoided since any animals further up the food chain, such as a bird of prey, can also be poisoned if it eats the poisoned rodent. Live trapping is only going to be effective if it is accompanied by completely rodent-proofing your home.
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