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Dan Piquette

Volunteer Dan Piquette How long have you been @ CWC?
I am the Sunday PM Shift Leader and I have been at CWC for two full years now. As of Sept 11, 2016, I've gratefully given 392 hours of service which I promise you has done far more for me than I have done for CWC. Thank you for the opportunity to grow!

What shift(s) are you on?
I have been on (with no disrespect to other shifts) the best shift, Sunday PM. One reason I'm getting spotlighted here is because the people I work with make me look so good! You gals all rock! In addition, I take as many patient pick-ups and releases as possible. I also do a shift in the "Mouse House."

Do you have a field of study (past or present)?
Oh Boy! We don't have space for detail here. OK, I had a twenty-year career as an operating room nurse. Recently, in 2014, I earned a double Bachelor's in Environmental Studies and Environmental Biology with an emphasis in Ecology. Most recently, in 2016, I received a Master's in Applied Environmental Ethics from OSU.

Are you employed outside of your CWC volunteer position?
I am in the process of becoming a certified mindfulness instructor and will do mindful based workshops through my developing non-profit – OneLivingWorld. I plan on teaching courses that cultivate a meaningful life, a life lived with attention and intention. Another main focus of my non-profit is developing an understanding of our relationship with each other and the natural world, including all these wonderful four-legged and winged people we care for here at CWC! As of this week, I am also really proud to say that I took a public service job as a school bus driver. Corvallis children are in desperate need of people who can transport them safely to and from school where they'll hopefully learn the importance of what we do here.

What is your favorite part about volunteering at CWC?
The wisdom and humility gained through giving unconditionally! Getting to care for owls is pretty sweet, too. OK, getting to care for owls, bobcats, squirrels, raccoons, jays, crows, robins, gulls, grebes, murres, herons, swallows, swifts, mice, and I think you get the idea.

Do you have a favorite or most memorable patient (past or present)?
The first time I held a Great Horned Owl Kelsey was giving it sub-q fluids. It bit me through the towel it was burrito-ed in and the shirt I was wearing. While it didn't break the skin, my fascination with owls transformed from being enamored to being humbled. That bird, that GHO, above all, reminded me of my place in nature.

What book is currently on your nightstand?
ABC book. It reminds me not to take life too seriously and to see the world through the eyes of a child.

What music is in your car right now?
I honestly don't listen to music all that much in the car. I try to see and experience the drive without any distractions. There really is much to see, if one looks. The last music I listened to, hmmm, probably Dave Matthews, U2, or Dire Straits. Ya, it's been that long.

Where are you from?
I am a born and raised Gunnison, Colorado kid. Fun fact; Gunnison is the 3rd coldest spot in the Nation – I kid you not. Look it up if you don't believe me! It's in south central Colorado, Gunnison has a 52-day growing season (I can actually grow food in Corvallis). It is home to the largest lake in Colorado, is in the largest county, and is adjacent to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world! But I'm bias. All that said, I am from Corvallis now!

Dan releasing and owl
Dan releasing an owl

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