Volunteer Spotlight

Glenda Gassner

Volunteer Glenda Gassner How long have you been @ CWC?
3 years

What shift(s) are you on?
Wednesday AM

Do you have a field of study (past or present)?
I consider myself a life-long learner with lots of interests.

Are you employed outside of your CWC volunteer position?
I am retired from the Corvallis School District.

What is your favorite part about volunteering at CWC?
Learning about and seeing so many different species up close. I've also met some great people I otherwise wouldn't have gotten to know!

Do you have a favorite or most memorable patient (past or present)?
There was a very verbal Red-tailed Hawk that I found amusing. She let everyone know she was happy when her meal arrived.

What is something that your shift may not know about you?
I've traveled to some pretty cool places in the world and I have a few more on my bucket list. I like to set personal goals.

What book is currently on your nightstand?
The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas.

What music is in your car right now?
I am an OPB junkie in the car, but I usually listen to Tom Petty or the Black Keys when I run on my treadmill.

Where are you from?
Central Oregon (Madras/ Redmond), but I consider Corvallis my forever home.

Volunteer Glenda Gassner
Volunteer Glenda Gassner

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