Volunteer Spotlight

Jordan Burford

Volunteer Jordan Burford How long have you been @ CWC?
A little over a year

What is your role(s) as a volunteer (i.e., REP, clinic, facilities, etc):
Animal Care Giver / Outback/ Raptor Barn/ ICU

Do you have a field of study (past or present)?
Currently studying Zoology

What is your favorite part about volunteering at CWC?
My favorite part over the past year has been the realization of how awe inspiring these animals truly are. Especially owls. I had no clue how much I loved owls until after working with them up close and personal.

Do you have a favorite or most memorable patient (past or present)?
One time I was nearly scared to death in the night shift by a barking Grey fox. I had no idea they made such noises, it was awesome and terrifying at the same time!

What book is currently on your nightstand?
Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer

What music is in your car right now?
Led Zeppelin

Where are you from?
Albany, Oregon

What is something that your shift may not know about you?
One time when I was a child I got my head stuck in the fence at the giraffe exhibit at the Portland Zoo. It was kind of a big deal and might be why I resonate so much with giraffes to this day.

Jordan Burford and friend
Jordan Burford and friend

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