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Volunteer Glenda Gassner

Glenda Gassner

Glenda is on the Wednesday AM shift and took care of a very verbal Red-tailed Hawk.
Learn more about Glenda.
Volunteer Taylor Boardman

Taylor Boardman

Taylor is on the Monday PM shift and is fond of kestrels.
Learn more about Taylor.
Volunteer Marge Reed

Marge Reed

Marge is on several shifts and also runs the Mouse program.
Learn more about Marge.
Volunteer Susanne Esch

Susanne Esch

Susanne is the Tues AM shift leader, a bird handler and a retired RN.
Learn more about Susanne.
Volunteer Jackie Houser

Jackie Houser

Jackie is on the Sat AM and midday shifts and is a 3rd year vet student.
Learn more about Jackie.
Volunteer Cherie MacDougall

Cherie MacDougall

Cherie co-leads the Wednesday PM shift and is a teacher.
Learn more about Cherie.
Volunteer Sherri Jackson

Sherri Jackson

Sherri works the Monday AM shift.
Learn more about Sherri.
Volunteer Sherri Jackson

Stephanie Wallace

Stephanie works in the Raptor Education Program.
Learn more about Stephanie.
Volunteer Judy


Judy is oncall to help transport injured animals to the clinic.
Learn more about Judy.
Volunteer Dan Piquette

Dan Piquette

Dan Piquette is the Sunday PM Shift Leader.
Learn more about Dan.
Volunteer Emily Nicholson

Emily Nicholson

Emily Nicholson is on the Tuesday PM Shift.
Learn more about Emily.



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Contact Kathi Franklin, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@chintiminiwildlife.org or 541-745-5324.