Admin Team

Sarah Spangler

Executive Director

Sarah has been Executive Director since 2017. Her educational background in biology and anthropology combined with her professional experience in nonprofit organizations provides a solid foundation for directing the Chintimini Wildlife Center. Sarah is an active community member and feels at her best when she is surrounded by people (especially people who will laugh at her hilarious bird puns!) In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling, baking, and wine tasting.

Erika Seirup

Outreach & Operations Coordinator

Erika started at Chintimini working in the wildlife hospital in 2016. She currently helps fundraise, coordinate our hectic schedules, manage internship programs, and share Chintimini’s work with the community. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology with an emphasis in Zoology and a minor in Anthropology. Her passions lie in fostering a sense of community at CWC, photographing both our wild patients and our avian ambassadors in a way that respects their wildness, and providing a safe learning environment for emerging wildlife professionals to form their career paths. 

Haley Rayo

Volunteer Coordinator

Haley is new to Chintimini Wildlife Center and to Oregon. She recently moved here from Austin, Texas where she was a Wildlife Exhibit Specialist at the Austin Nature Center caring for injured and orphaned Texas Wildlife. Haley holds an AS in Zoo Animal Technologies and a BS in Psychology and has over 10 years experience working in animal care facilities with volunteers and interns. Her passions lie in helping volunteers and interns find fulfillment in their work, event planning and nerding out about wildlife with
others. Haley enjoys doing anything outside, teaching yoga, cooking and meals with good conversation.

Katie Jackim

Wildlife Rehabilitation Director,
Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator

Katie began her journey at Chintimini as a volunteer back in 2015. She now works in our wildlife hospital as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Team Lead. Aside from managing volunteers and interns, she coordinates the day-to-day operations within the wildlife hospital. She oversees patient care, organizes patient surgeries and releases, and keeps things running smoothly in the animal care aspect of our Center. Katie has over 11 years of experience with exotics and wildlife; volunteering at the Oregon Zoo and other wildlife clinics before finding her way to Chintimini. She is deeply grateful that she is able to help wildlife in need and give them a second chance at a healthy, free life after release.

Dr. Claire Peterson

Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Peterson has extensive knowledge of domestic, exotic, and wildlife veterinary medicine. Her passion in life has always been birds, specifically wild birds like raptors. She has been involved with Chintimini Wildlife Center since 2009 when she started her veterinary school career, and has continued to refine her expertise in both domestic and exotic animal medicine. She currently provides diagnostic, surgical, and emergency care to our wildlife patients and collaborates with local veterinarians on the medical and preventative care of our non-releasable avian ambassadors. Dr. Peterson is also a falconer and an avid wildlife photographer.

Ashlee Sabiers

Wildlife Rehabilitation
Senior Staff

Ashlee began as a volunteer and joined our internship program shortly after. She completed a year-long position as a Wildlife Care Intern and is now a welcome addition to our animal care team of staff. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology at OSU, with future goals of earning a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Ashlee loves getting a chance to work up close with Oregon’s native wildlife and enjoys serving as mentor to interns and volunteers alike. When she isn’t at Chintimini, she enjoys spending her free time hiking, traveling, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Allison Guill

Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant

Allison got involved with Chintimini Wildlife Center as a clinic volunteer in 2017 before joining the rehab internship program. She co-led CWC’s youth camps in 2019, and later joined the rehabilitation staff in 2021. She holds a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Marine Biology. Allison has a passion for nature education and greatly enjoys teaching interns, volunteers, and the public about our local wildlife. When not working with the terrestrial, native animals of Oregon, she spends her time tidepooling and identifying organisms of the rocky intertidal.

Jessica Neilson

Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Bailey Cain

Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant

Bailey began at Chintimini Wildlife Center as a wildlife care intern in 2019. After completing a year-long internship, she joined the wildlife rehabilitation staff in early 2021. Originally from California, Bailey holds a B.S. in Animal Science from University of California, Davis, where she focused on animal behavior. She loves having the opportunity to care for wildlife in need and teaching the public about Oregon’s native wildlife. In her spare time, Bailey enjoys kayaking, gaming, and birdwatching. 

Education Team

Kathleen Dodge

Raptor Education Director

Kathleen was introduced to Chintimini in 2012 when her dog found an injured bird in her backyard. Always fascinated with wildlife, Kathleen fell in love with the non-releasable educational bird of prey ambassadors living at the wildlife center and became a volunteer. Kathleen has been Director of the Raptor Education Program since 2017. Trained as a Certified Interpretive Guide, she enjoys guiding people as they explore the Center. She is particularly passionate about vultures! She enjoys birding and spending time with her husband and three indoor cats in her spare time.

Victoria Bernhard

Raptor Curator

Victoria came to Chintimini in 2005 to see if she could put her skills as a veterinary technician and animal lover towards Chintimini’s mission. She volunteered in the wildlife hospital before joining the education program and quickly fell in love with raptors. When not caring for the resident raptors in Chintimini’s Raptor Education Program, Victoria is caring for human patients in the cardiac ICU at Salem Hospital as a Registered Nurse. Victoria has seen a lot of great changes at Chintimini over the last 14 years, and she is excited to see what happens over the years to come!

Bree Hinricher

Raptor Trainer

Bree first came to the Chintimini Wildlife Center in 2016 as a volunteer trainer with the Raptor Education Program, but she has been in the animal training and wildlife education field professionally since 2013. She has worked in education departments in zoos and outreach facilities across the United States as has degrees in Exotic Animal Training and Animal Science. Bree has a special place in her heart for owls, especially Barn Owls. She is excited to work with all of the raptor ambassadors at Chintimini and help educate the public on the importance of caring for our animal neighbors.