After Hours Instructions

If you have rescued an animal and we are closed, please:

  • Contain the animal in a cardboard box, pet kennel, or other container with holes for ventilation. Cover the container with a sheet or towel. Use an old towel or t-shirt to line the bottom of the box.
  • Minimize the time you spend handling the animal – Limiting contact will reduce overall stress on the animal. Regardless of how calm they look or act, wild animals have a fight/flight/freeze response in the presence of humans. The close presence of a human can cause a physiological response that can cause shock or even death.
  • It is crucial that the animal be kept in a warm, dark, and quiet space. Keep them away from children and pets, people talking loudly, and other household noises (like a television).
  • Provide warmth by using a heating pad (set on low), or use a sock filled with uncooked rice and microwaved for 2-3 minutes. Be sure the animal has room to move away from the heat source if they need to to avoid overheating.
  • Do not feed the animal. Each species has specialized dietary needs, and improper diet can cause health issues. An animal in need of assistance may have underlying issues. Without knowing their health history or current condition, food or water can decrease their chance of survival.
  • Do not force them to drink water. Not all wild animals will drink water from a dish, and attempting to help them drink water may lead to aspiration pneumonia. If you choose to provide them with a low, shallow dish of water be sure they have room to move around the bowl so they do not fall in. If in doubt, leave it out.
  • Bring the animal to Chintimini Wildlife Center as soon as you can. Please call our wildlife hotline at (541) 745-5324 and leave a message – we will check voicemails first thing in the morning. Plan to bring the animal to our wildlife hospital once we are open again, but if you are unable to please let us know in your voicemail so we can work with you on finding transportation.

Oregon Wildlife Rehabilitation

Oregon’s licensed wildlife rehabilitators are permitted by ODFW and governed by a set of rules. If you are outside of our service region, please contact your nearest rehabilitation center.

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Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

ODFW’s mission is to protect and enhance Oregon’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for use and enjoyment by present and future generations. ODFW oversees all wildlife rehabilitation activities in the state of Oregon.

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