Dyami, Bald Eagle Ambassador

Our Mission:

To protect and celebrate Oregon’s native wildlife.






Our Work

In the immediate sense, Chintimini treats the urgent and often life-threatening needs of animals harmed or orphaned by human activity through our Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. Our clinic treats more than 2,000 injured and orphaned animals each year.

Our preventative efforts take the form of a number of educational outreach programs in our community. Because many injuries treated in our clinic are the result of negative human-wildlife interaction, we view education as the best preventative measure. Sharing our experience and knowledge with the community leads to better stewardship of local wildlife and our shared environment. Our outreach programs aim to educate people from diverse demographics on the variety of species in our region and how to live alongside the wildlife in our communities.

Nature Center

Schedule a tour or up-close encounter with an Animal Ambassador. Enroll your child in one of our youth programs!

Traveling Educators

Our Animal Ambassadors (and their handlers/educators) come to you! Great for classrooms, service clubs, and special events.

Wildlife Hospital

Call our Wildlife Hotline for information and advice on conflicts with wildlife, or to seek help for a wildlife emergency.

Our Facility

Incorporated in 1989, the Chintimini Wildlife Center is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), public service organization serving Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley. Chintimini operates on 9.4 acres in Lewisburg, three miles north of Corvallis. The west side of the property is dedicated to the rehabilitation and recovery of our wildlife patients and is not open to the public. The east side of the property is home to our education center within a wetland and open prairie where we have an interconnecting network of trails, bridges, wildlife viewing blinds, and informational signage. Our indoor classroom and lab is a large yurt, situated at the edge of the wetland and the open prairie field.

Chintimini is open for tours by appointment and offers a team of traveling educators for offsite educational programs. We also offer youth camps, open houses, and other planned events and educational programs. Check the calendar of events for more information.

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