Great Horned Owl #0464

Warning: Graphic Content – Please use your discretion before reading the following blog.

We received a call on our wildlife hotline from someone who found an owlet who’d been impaled with barbed wire fencing after falling from their nest. The rescuer was able to cut the wire to release the owl and called us right away. Once admitted to our wildlife hospital, the owlet received an examination and subcutaneous fluids, along with medication for pain and inflammation. Thankfully, our staff veterinarian Dr. Claire Peterson was available to perform emergency surgery – the wound was painful, raw, and needed immediate attention.

Dr. Peterson was able to carefully remove the wire using various tools. Once removed, the wound required sutures in multiple locations.

We later found out that the rescuer would be moving out of the area the very next day – had they not seen the injured owl and cared to seek medical attention, the outcome would have been very different. It is these acts of compassion that help drive our mission and we are grateful for the timing and kindness showed by the owl’s rescuer. And thank you Dr. Peterson for giving this owl a second chance at life!

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