Wildlife Baby Shower 2024

May Flowers Bring Baby Showers

The busiest part of the year for the rehabilitation hospital is now at Chintimini Wildlife Center. In the upcoming months, we will see an influx of baby animals with injuries, illnesses, or who are orphaned. Baby animals require significantly more resources, so to support our rehabilitation center, we are holding an open house. 

The open house will include question and answer sessions from rehabilitation volunteers who are integral to operations, from answering the wildlife hotline to assisting with animal care. We will have a Q & A with rehabilitation staff members as well, so bring any burning questions about rehabilitation and wildlife. There will be an exclusive video tour of the outdoor rehabilitation center, so our amazing supporters can see what rehabilitation looks like, and some of the ways we provide care to every animal that comes to us. We are hoping for continued warm weather, but will hold the event even if the May showers return. Come for the whole time or just a short time, we would love to see you for any amount of time! 

The cost of entry is an item from our wishlist, which is shown below, as well as on our website and on Amazon. If you would like to order an item from Amazon sent straight to Chintimini Wildlife, that is very welcomed, and monetary donations would also be greatly appreciated. 

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